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Highland Lakes: Waterfront Sales Trends

What a year! It was record demand last year and looks like it is continuing! I am asked all the time if this is the top of the market, but we won’t know until prices start going down. For now, I don’t see that happening anytime soon. What I do see is the number of solds slowing a bit. Some buyers are getting priced out of this market as prices continue to climb, and less people are willing to sell.
For now, there are still gorgeous properties on the market and prices are still high and go higher… All in all, the demand and surge continues!

Waterfront Stats by Lake:
YOY (Aug ’19- July ’20 vs. Aug ’20-July ’21)

Lake LBJ
$1.475M = Avg Sales price (up 30%)
250 = Lake Houses Sold (up 24%)
104 = AVG days on mkt (down 15%)

Lake Travis
$1.49M = Avg Sales price (up 61%)
170 = Lake Houses Sold (down 17%)
86 = AVG days on mkt (down 13%)

Lake Buchanan
$539K = Avg Sales price (up 28%)
42 = Lake Houses Sold (up 11%)
27 = AVG days on mkt (down 73%)

Inks / Marble Falls
$1.2M = Avg Sales price (up 55%)
12 = Lake Houses Sold (down 37%)
112 = AVG days on mkt (up 7%)