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First Time Buying a Lake Home?

Most first time buyers on the lake start the process anxious, excited and a bit nervous. It’s natural. Each lake home is unique and so is each buyer’s vision of how they want to enjoy lake-life. As an owner on the lake myself, I have the “know-how” to help you discover the right home and start enjoying time on the lake with family/friends.

Here’s a list of tips to help you get started on your journey!

  • Tell Your Agent Everything: You don’t want any surprises; neither does your agent. Be as detailed as possible about your goals and be flexible.
  • Make Lists: Write out a list of the things that you want and a list of the things that you need in a lake home. Share this list with your agent so that they can better help find what you are looking for.
  • Narrow it Down: Your agent is going to keep solid records of the homes that you see. However, you should also keep your own notes as you tour houses. After each home, share what you liked and what you didn’t like with your agent. That will help him or her narrow the search down for you.
  • Organize Your Documents: Keep your documents organized and all in one place. If you have a pre-approval letter, keep that with you on house hunts in case you decide to make an offer that day.
  • Stay Positive: Maybe the most important tip for lake house buyers is to stay positive. Even after you have found the home that you want, made an offer, and had it accepted, the process of closing the transaction can sometimes take longer than you’d like. Stay positive.