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Dredging Update

After contacting the LCRA, here's what we found out: "LCRA has received four applications from Collier Materials, Inc. related to proposed dredging projects and related sand and gravel processing plants on Lake LBJ. Two of the permit applica...

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Pricing Strategy for Lake Properties

Pricing your lake house correctly is so important.  Setting that “just right” list price from the start can mean the difference between a fast, painless sale, and weeks or months of frustration. Our strategy always starts with a CMA, ta...

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Airbnb Bust?

We know the housing market has been hit. We’ve seen rate hikes, recession fears and high prices finally slow things down. But, the lake market has specific nuances and so far prime waterfront prices are still hanging in there. So will we get ...

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Market Stats (A Tale of Two Markets)

Higher end buyers are not bothered by higher interest rates and/or they are still paying with cash.  That means prime waterfront prices are still increasing.  Specifically on Lake LBJ, the luxury 2 million+ lake house market is still surging....

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Are we running out of “ALL Cash” Buyers??

Last year we saw a record amount of all cash buyers and that helped properties appreciate faster than ever. The stock market boom left buyers flush with cash, and low interest rates made homes affordable even though prices were climbing. Rec...

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Waterfront Market Movement: Forecast & Trends

There's always going to be a premium for waterfront because people want to be close to nature and there is only a finite amount of it. But in 2021, we saw buyers desperate to escape to lakefront vacation homes, and competitive bidding was extre...

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